Denim Day NL

Why Denim?

Why do we wear denim on Denim Day? At first glance, it seems like a day to show off your favorite jeans or maybe even grace a catwalk at a fashion and dance show. But when we talk about Denim Day, we are telling a story that goes far beyond fashion.

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The reason why denim?

The birth of Denim Day has been surrounded by a shocking controversy that originated in an Italian court. At the center of this drama was an 18-year-old girl who sued her driving instructor for rape. However, the judge incredibly ruled that the rape could have been "impossible" because the girl was wearing tight denim. The logic behind this was that the instructor could not have removed the pants without her consent, suggesting that she had consented to sex. The man was irresponsibly acquitted.

The outrage was enormous and led to a powerful gesture the next day. Women from the Italian Court of Justice and the Italian Parliament appeared at work in denim, in solidarity with the victim, and held a demonstration on the steps of the buildings. It was not only a powerful signal to the victim, but also a silent protest against the failing justice system.

This event has taken the world by storm. Cities in the U.S. have embraced this story and are now organizing their own Denim Day. This day not only serves in solidarity with the Italian victim, but also focuses on addressing sexually transgressive behavior at home. Los Angeles was the pioneer, with New York quickly following, where Denim Day activities are now being organized in five boroughs.

What began as a protest against a shocking court ruling has grown into a global movement of significant significance. Denim Day is more than a day; it is a call to action.

Denim Day is now a global platform that invites organizations, businesses, students and all people who want to show solidarity and speak out against sexual border crossing to make a clear statement. How? By wearing your jeans on Denim Day, you contribute to the message. You show solidarity, speak out against sexually transgressive behavior and show that you are part of the change.

Everyone in Denim on Denim Day

On Denim Day these thousands of people wear denim to say loud and clear: Stop Sexual Transgression! This powerful, global statement has already lit up the streets of New York, Los Angeles, Australia and Italy with a sea of denim.

On April 26, 2023, at Brooklyn City Hall, Nathalie Toisuta, the Dutch initiator of Denim Day NL, announced the collaboration with Denim Day New York! New York can't wait to collaborate!

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