Denim Day 2024: Wear your statement!

Showing what you stand for has never been easier or more stylish. With the introduction of the unique Denim Day bracelet you show everyone that you are squarely against any form of sexual border crossing. A statement that symbolizes strength, courage and solidarity.

Make it visible!

We wanted to create a symbol, a way for everyone to show: "I am against sexual border crossing. Therefore, we proudly present: the Denim Day Bracelet.

The Denim Day bracelet is your way of saying, I support the mission of Denim Day: Stop Sexual Transgression."
A cool, gender-neutral and eye-catching denim bracelet. Available in both light blue and dark blue denim and in a variety of sizes. It matches any outfit, is waterproof and can be worn day or night. Buy it for yourself or as a gift and wear the statement together.

Available soon at select retailers. Stay tuned for points of sale and support the fight against sexual transgression. We all have the power to make a difference.

Denim Day Foundation NL:

Part of the proceeds go directly to the Denim Day NL Foundation. Their mission is clear: sexual border crossing stops here. They are at the forefront of the fight against this social evil and every bracelet contributes to their efforts. Join them. Make a difference. Wear your statement.

Read more about the Denim Day NL Foundation's approach and mission here.

For Carriers:

Do you sometimes feel indignation when reading a news story about sexual border crossing? Do you want to show solidarity with those who have experienced such a thing? Do you also want it to stop: Wear the bracelet and carry your statement with it!

For those who have experienced sexual boundary crossing:

If you have experienced sexual boundary crossing yourself, you know how important it is to feel support and solidarity. This bracelet offers an opportunity not only to show your own strength, but also to feel connected to others who have had a similar experience. It is a sign of resilience, recovery and hope.

For Retailers:

This is your chance to show that your brand stands for a safe and respectful world for all! By placing these cool Denim Bracelets on your counter! These bracelets are more than a fashion item; they are a movement! By selling them in your store, you are contributing to greater community support against sexual transgression!

Check out the Sale Sheet here !

denim day logo is a foundation inspired by the global Denim Day campaign. The realization is owned by Media Luna Tell a Story. For more information:

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