The organization

As an organization, we are not only touched by the stories of sexually transgressive behavior we encounter in the media; we are also infuriated, outraged and amazed. It is almost inconceivable that in our contemporary society this is such a deeply rooted and pervasive social problem. This reality is downright absurd.

We could have chosen to remain stuck in this outrage and indignation, paralyzed by the magnitude of the problem. But we quickly realized that indignation alone accomplishes nothing. Anger and amazement are valuable emotions, but they are only powerful when transformed into action.


At Denim Day NL, we are committed to addressing sexually transgressive behavior structurally and effectively. With Denim Day as our annual highlight, we focus on dialogue, awareness and collective action to create a society where every individual is respected and safety is the norm.


We strive for a world free of sexually transgressive behavior, where each generation is more informed and aware than the last. A world in which Denim Day is not just a reminder of struggle, but a celebration of continued progress and the power of a united community acting together against unacceptable behavior.

The Team

Nathalie Toisuta

Initiator, producer and president of the Denim Day NL Foundation

Nathalie Toisuta is also director and owner of the production company Media Luna

Tom Kwant

Strategy and campaign

Owner of communications agency

Debbie Price

Strategy and Campaign

Also, Debbie Price is project manager at Stoptober

Sara Dekker Alaoui

Advisor Denim Day

Expert on Sexual Violence and Transgressive Behavior and Founder the Safe Space Club. Read more

Sabine Meulenbeld

Advisor for Content Expertise

Expert on Sexual Assault and Sexual Violence. Read More

Rick Davy


Denim Day New York organizer Rick Davy also has a Foundation in which he links all kinds of social causes to fashion. Rick believes that fashion can be the bridge to discussing many issues and breaking taboos. Read more about his organization.

Trudy Giordano

Organization and photography Denim Day Brooklyn New York

Trudy has been involved with both Brooklyn Fashion Week and Denim Day for several years. She is originally from the Netherlands and is looking at how Denim Day can be translated well to the Netherlands. Read more

Runway Diva Shay

Model Brooklyn Fashion Week - participant Denim Day New York

Diva has been modeling since she was 5 years old and also coaches models. She also advises models on how to deal with transgressive behavior from photographers or assistant photographers. The most important thing is to feel safe.


Model Brooklyn Fashion Week - participant Denim Day New York

Nerferttiti wants to invite everyone in the Netherlands to join Denim Day in the Netherlands! She thinks it is important that you speak out and get involved to make the world free of Sexual Border Crossing.

Dominique Laveau

Model Brooklyn Fashion Week - Participant Denim Day New York

Dominique believes it is important to speak up. She advises models to look someone up if you don't feel comfortable and to speak up beforehand. She says of boundary crossing: I think it's a form of control.

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