Denim Day Foundation NL

Denim Day NL Foundation's mission is to raise awareness about sexual border crossing and to highlight how we can collectively put a stop to it.

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Vision piece

Sexual transgression is not just a problem; it is a raging epidemic that blatantly affects our society time and again. For decades too long. At first we reacted in disbelief upon hearing the first reports, "How is this possible?" But soon silence became prevalent, not because the amazement subsided, but because reality set in: it is happening everywhere. No industry, sector, training or healthcare facility is spared. It is deeply rooted in our society - an uncomfortable but bitter truth. This has inspired us: At the Denim Day NL Foundation, we are steadfastly on the front lines, committed to resolutely addressing the urgent issue of sexual border crossing.

It's time for action: We're not going to wait any longer

It is no longer a time for surprise or inaction. Too often we have seen clear signals and even concrete reports ignored or dismissed. This passivity must stop. The question is no longer "Who will intervene?" but "How will we intervene?". Waiting for reactions or investigations is no longer enough. We at the Denim Day NL Foundation want to take action!

Awareness campaigns:

In the media, in schools, businesses and in the community, we are launching campaigns that emphasize the importance of respecting sexual boundaries.

Strengthening Collaborations:

By forging close ties with experts and other organizations, we expand our reach and make our initiatives more effective.

Online Platform:

A safe place to find information, share experiences and seek help about sexual boundary crossing.

Through these steps, the Denim Day NL Foundation aims to combat sexual transgression and create a safer environment for all.

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