Denim Day NL and Denim Day New York will collaborate

Denim Day NL and the organizations of Denim Day New York are partnering intensively. In NewYork there is years of experience with Denim Day. They have collected the stories of victims who tell how big the impact is. Stories that New York and the Netherlands will share with each other with of course at all times the consent of the victims. Studies and possible results of Denim Day will be exchanged. By the cooperation between New York and Amsterdam we strengthen each other's missions and tackle the problem worldwide.

Producer Denim Day New York - Producer Brooklyn Fashion Week

"Hi I'm Rick Davey and I'm here in New York City and we are really, really excited about having the platform of Denim day move from New York and Brooklyn, but now to the Netherlands. It's an important message. It's really important that you guys in Holland take up this cause and take the torch and run with it. You, the Netherlands is going to help take it even further across the border in Europe so I think it's really a good thing and I'm really excited about the embankment of that now happening in the Netherlands. So go Netherland, the whole country should get involved. Denim Day the Netherlands, here we come!

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